OHorizons is an international non-profit committed to improving the lives and providing essential basic necessities to all of humankind. We design and implement practical, sustainable, and empowering solutions along the Four Horizons of Life: Water, Agriculture, Energy, and Economic Development.

We were founded with the belief that some of the world’s most difficult challenges need simple solutions. Our solutions can be implemented locally, are scalable, and we partner with on-the-ground organizations to deploy them. This ensures the longterm sustainability and success of underserved communities, particularly women and children, around the world. We call these solutions “Low-Tech, High-Thinking.”

We believe every world citizen deserves reliable access to safe water.


Our projects focus on ensuring every community, no matter how remote or difficult to reach, has access to safe water. Our network has developed an innovative, scalable, low-tech solution that is empowering communities all over the world to gain access to safe drinking water.



We’re on a mission to solve the world’s most difficult challenges.
Please join us.


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